Suhani Shah

Suhani Shah

   Suhani Shah! She is best known as an illusionist, author, life coach, key note speaker and trainer. The girl with many hats! Suhani's performances provide a bundle of entertainment through grand illusions, mentalism acts, levitations, visual effects, blindfold presentations, situational comedy and audience participation. All blended with loads of masti in absolute Suhani style. Author of best-seller 'Unleash Your Hidden Powers',

   Suhani has five books on self-help already titled to her name and more in the pipeline. She has her regular column in various magazines and also maintains her blog. Suhani is one of India's leading Life coaches who has touched innumerable lives and has helped them unlock the gates to the abundant opportunities. She is also a professional hypnotherapist and runs a holistic retreat centre in Goa. Suhani leaves everyone feeling enlightened and empowered with her talks and training sessions which are serious yet entertaining, humorous yet sensible and witty yet easy to interpret.


Khan Family

Amit and Sakshi

  Amit and Sakshi, the most talented salsa dancing couple! They were the semi finalists of India's Got Talent Season 5 and finalists of Uggram Ujjwalam Season 2.

Get ready to bass up your nerves!

Khan Family

Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan

  Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan was born on 4th July 1959 into a musically rich family of renowned sitarists. Belonging to the seventh generation of musicians, his unique heritage has assisted in creating an exceptional performer. He took to the sitar at the age of ten and was trained rigorously by his gifted father, the late Prof. Abdul Karim Khan, who in turn had been tutored by his father, the late Sitar Ratna Rahimat Khan. These two guiding stars of Rahimat's youth, were instrumental in deeply immersing him in the style and values of the 'Beenkar' Bande Ali Khan Gharana of sitar playing.

   His early years saw him emerging as a promising acolyte of his gharana, when, at the age of 15, he won accolades from a gathering of connoisseurs and music lovers. At 19, he was felicitated at the hands of Late Padmabhushan Dr. Gangubai Hangal for his success in the National Level music competition of All India Radio (A.I.R), Delhi. He is recognised all over India as an approved A graded artist of the A.I.R.

Raushni Khan and Mansoor Khan are young budding talents who has excelled in their respective fields largely making a true inspiration to the nation.



Art & Photo Gallery Exhibition

   The Goa College of Art is recognised as the premiere and only Art Institution in the State. Founded in the year 1972 by the Kala Academy, the College was brought under the administration of the Department of Education, Government of Goa in June, 1983. Presently, it is under Directorate of Technical Education, Goa.

   Art education in the College aims at advancing knowledge and professional competence in the fields of Painting and Applied Art.. The objective of its educational programme is to imbibe in talented Goan youth the conceptual and technical excellence so vital to self-expression and competence in the field; and to help prepare students for rewarding careers as artists and designers or educationists in the subject of Art.

Come join us to be stunned and mesmerized by these young talents!


Julia Bliss

   JULIA BLISS (Air Snare Recs, Siberia) Born & Bought up in Siberia, Julia is a true DJ at heart with a profound passion for the comprehensive culture of electronic dance music.

Julia Bliss is one of those Rare individuals that seems to understand the unwritten laws of the wild nightclub nature. She has played all over Russia and some parts of Europe and in most cities in india. She keeps her ever-expanding,nocturnal following alert,ecstatic and craving for more attitude with remarkable precision and skill.

Through her refrehing sound that is characterised by complex drum ensembles, daring synths and emotive chords. Besides Spinning Music, Julia Bliss is also an actress-model and featured in quite a handful of movies. Julia Bliss has created the ultimate recipe for ‘House’. Some of the links are attached here:
1. Facebook Link
2. Sound Cloud Link


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